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Must-Visit Thrift Shops: Inland Empire Edition

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Photo by Courtnee Owens Community Thrift Store, also know as Red White & Blue Thrift Store in Covina, C.A.

Now that I’ve gone over some tips on how to thrift, here are three spots in the Inland Empire to try them out:

Eco Thrift Pomona, C.A.

Eco Thrift, formally known as Veterans Thrift Store, carries everything from clothing to bags and accessories to home goods and furniture and jewelry. I find the best random, miscellaneous items at this store. Dressing room available for try-ons.

Drop Your Jeans Covina, C.A.

While this shop has a variety of denim of all kinds, there’s also a wide selection of vintage tees, windbreakers, posters and more! I can’t say enough good things about this family-owned and operated shop. Dressing room available for try ons.

Red White & Blue Thrift Store Covina, C.A.

Red White & Blue Thrift, also known as Community Thrift, is an enormous thrift store that has a little of everything. Make sure to have cash ready because this shop does not accept any other methods of payment! No dressing rooms available.

No matter where you go, there will good find days and bad find days. When my regular spots fail me, I turn to Yelp to mix things up. After you give the shops above a try, I suggest doing the same to expand your options.

Let me know what you think of these shops once you check them out! 🙂

Happy Thrifting!

Colorful printed flannels and shirts at Drop Your Jeans.

Photo by Courtnee Owens

Piles of jeans at Drop Your Jeans.

Photo by Courtnee Owens

Jean jacket and flannel rack outside of Drop Your Jeans.

Photo by Courtnee Owens

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