• Courtnee Owens

Five Instagram Re-sellers That Make Thrifting Effortless

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Purchasing pre-loved clothing is ideal for a number of reasons but, factors such as lack of time to thrift or lack of knowledge on how to thrift discourage many from doing so. Luckily, there are thrifters that will do all the hard work for you. Online resale has taken the Internet, but more specifically, Instagram, by storm. 

Below are some of my favorite accounts to browse through for some pre-loved items:


Accompanied by a touch of nostalgia, the items featured on this Instagram radiate a '90s vibe through vintage jerseys, hoodies, graphic tees and much more.


Featuring earthy, neutral-colored tones, items for sale on this page feature a rustic aesthetic with a dash of bohemian style.


This page features hoodies, tees, windbreakers and sweats from brands such as Thrasher, FILA, Nike and Champion. Unlike the rest of the accounts I’m featuring here, this account sells each item to the highest bidder.


Looking for vibrant, unique throwback pieces to add to your wardrobe? This page offers a wide selection of clothing with an '80s/s'90s vibe.


Instead of posting personal finds for sale, this account gathers photos of their favorite vintage pieces from other resellers on Instagram and reposts them to their account. Get exposed to dozens of resale accounts by giving this page a follow.


This account focuses on simple, yet funky and bold secondhand clothing. Ran by two young women, heystackthrift caters to all needs and weather patterns by featuring jeans, coats, shoes, tops, hats and more!

Happy Thrifting!